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ABOUT ClariFix®

What to expect during your procedure


    Discuss all medications with us, including anticoagulants and blood thinners
    Discuss your medical history with us, including known blood clotting disorders, allergies to anesthetics or sensitivities to cold
    Take recommended analgesics, if any
    Plan for a one-hour appointment


    Your nasal cavity is numbed with anesthetic
    The ClariFix device and an endoscope are placed in the back of
    your nose, where the out-of-balance nerves are located
    Cold therapy is applied for ~30 seconds, one to two times per side

You may experience any of the following:

    Slight pressure
    Cooling sensation in your nose and/or around your molars
    Some discomfort, though treatment should not be painful


    You may experience transient pain or discomfort, including headache which typically resolves in a matter of hours
    Treatment related discomfort typically resolves within 24 hours
    Most patients return to normal activity the same day
    You may experience temporary increased congestion which may last a few days
    Most patients begin to see improvement between two and six
    weeks post-treatment

Post-care instructions may include:

    A hot beverage just before and after treatment
    Over-the-counter analgesics
    Nasal saline irrigation
    Avoid blowing your nose for the first week

ClariFix® cryotherapy

A real solution


Chronic rhinitis is a problem that 24+ million Americans suffer, and 2.5 million are resistant to medical therapy. ClarFix is an innovative solution for patients with limited treatment options.

Low Risk. Low risk treatment under injected or topical local anesthesia.Efficient. Efficient procedure for in-office or surgical setting.Safe. Utilizes cryotherapy with well-established safety profile.

Who is ClariFix cryotherapy for?

    Adult patients experiencing moderate to severe chronic runny nose and/or post nasal drip, clearing of the throat
    Allergic or mixture of allergic and non-allergic chronic rhinitis
    Non-allergic chronic rhinitis (vasomotor)
    Patients who are unhappy with symptom relief from medical management